Nick Bouldin

Nick Bouldin

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First Name * Nick
Last Name * Bouldin
Username * ashe
Country * USA
City Chicago
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


My name is Nicholas Bouldin and I am a freelance artist looking for full time work. My number one passion is art and creating things like characters, buliding and objects in 3D. I've worked on 3Dmax since 2000 and I ladore this program and amazing things it can do! Another passion is video games and ive been playing since the NES days. My favorite games happens to be Gears of War, Silent Hill Series, Unreal3, Resistance 2, Resident Evil, Mario Party, much more! I also watch a lot of action and horror movies such as Evil Dead, Battle Royale,Testuo the Ironman, Casino, and others.